Look For A Shiny Pot Where The Ring Should Be

11 Jun

“I love a man who clears my table
I love a man who knows how to use
a wire scouring brush on my pots
till they sparkle so
He brings out my shine…”

Mohja Kahf

I held his hand and gave it a soft, soothing massage. Those hands may have been tired from working all day…and then, his ring wasn’t there. I started to freak out, threw his hand away and broke that sweet moment into some commotion. He said he left it in the car.

Soap residues are deposited into the crevices of the band’s design, thus he took it off. Some kinda excuse. Instances like this make me feel that he is not ready for the kind of security that love gives.

Is he ever ready?

Is he ever ready?

Crocodiles began to breed in my mind. I wanted to stalk him and see what he’s up to. Every woman within a three-meter radius became a possible threat. If I continue to think about the endless reasons why the ring that I placed there for my own feeling of security is not there, I would be stuck. Perhaps its not about my security, its about his. Is he ready for the security that the ring entails?

Men are as complex as the universe. They are not perfect, and never will be. With this fact we are at an equal stance. They ruin a lot of romantic moments due to their restlessness and cause more broken hearts than they ever mean to. Yet, their readiness for love is not as recognizable as that of a woman’s. Its more of silence, washing dishes, and a lot of discoveries. Becoming a man who is ready for love takes a lot of introspection and the gradual emergence of consciousness for what the other feels. It is their personal battle.

A man’s readiness to secure love can hardly be seen and can be misconstrued with the act of not wearing his ring. As a ‘sage’ advised, I should rage not, instead dwell on real loving gestures because not all men can make a pot shine for me. If he has shown you this, be confident that the ring will find a way back some hours after.


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