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CND Vinylux : A Manicure That Stays For 7 Days

26 Jun

I can’t help it!!! My fascination for lovely nails is insatiable…and now this? A manicure that lasts 7 days? Awesome product, not to mention awesome colors. 🙂


The creators of American popular nail polish brand CND  launched a wide palette of nail polishes called Vinylux, who stays on the nails for seven days without chipping and become stronger from the light of day. It is applied as a regular nail polish right on the nail plate without the base,on  top a special top coating then you need to give 10 minutes to your manicure to dry. The composition of Vinylux does not include harmful dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde resins. The palette contains 62 shades of professional nail polishes.



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A Paid Non-working Day

18 Jun

I used to feel like a corporate slave – employed but needless of creativity…

I’ve spent this rainy, gloomy day’s hours on research and writing and ended up feeling that I did not work at all.

I thought I worked, but I did not.

I do not call it work because I drowned time and effort with the freedom of creativity and the gift of art. Only by distinguishing work from creative labor can one possibly feel the importance of what he does.

From somewhere I have read in one of Lewis Hyde‘s classic, The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World, that:

Work is what we do by the hour. It begins and, if possible, we do it for money. Welding car bodies on an assembly line is work; washing dishes, computing taxes, walking the rounds in a psychiatric ward, picking asparagus — these are work.

Labor, on the other hand, sets its own pace. We may get paid for it, but it’s harder to quantify… Writing a poem, raising a child, developing a new calculus, resolving a neurosis, invention in all forms — these are labors.

I used to feel like a corporate slave – employed but needless of creativity, ordinary and mundane. Now, there is a different kind of focus and clarity that I am a part of something bigger.

Given the labor that I do, I feel free. Author Christian Mihai wrote in his recent blog post, “that this is freedom. Doing what you love, no matter what. And even when you’re starving, when you’re cold, when you just don’t want to go out because you’ll undoubtedly feel as if everyone else is much happier than you are, when you sit down at a desk and do your thing, that’s freedom, a kind of freedom that no one can grant you; you’ve got to take it, you’ve got to fight for it with all you’ve got.

Yes, writing is what I do and this is my submission to the world – I did the world a favor by rendering creative labor.


I Read Poetry and I Am Not Crazy

13 Jun

I fall for poetry as I would fall for a man who can sing. It wraps up my morning and makes me ready to face the day. I hate people who fail to appreciate the lines of a poem and I pity their sense of understanding. What others do not know about poetry is that, its not about what the poet feels at the time the poem is written, instead, it is about the emotions that are awakened in the reader.

The world will never understand how much poetry is to me just like the man that I sleep with can ever understand why I sleep late, why I lie when I’m shopping and why there are times of the day that I forget that other people exist and I look up the sky in a solo surrender.

Its Throwback Thursday in Facebook and Poetry Monday somewhere else, but for me, life is lived luxuriously everyday with some poetry. Here’s a really good one for a daily dose and more from Stale Cigarettes and a Fistful of dreams:

Other People’s Secrets

I live beneath scorn filled shadows of other people’s secrets

Carrying a burden

Internalized shame and affliction

Penetrate my veneered complexion

Iron weight grating my psyche

Stilted dreams invade rare, disturbed sleep

My own turmoil and failures, other people’s secrets.

Women Are Crazy! (Says Who?)

7 Jun

He knows exactly when I’m mad. Yet, he ignores me and this  makes me even madder. Out of this madness I feel unloved, and with this…sometimes I cry.

crazyAnd what’s on his mind? WOMEN ARE CRAZY!!! Tsk, tsk.

Here’s an excerpt from a funny write-up that made my afternoon. A silly and sweet description of the truth on every woman’s madness, written with all the love for his own  madwoman on a Valentine’s Day:

Women pick arguments on purpose. The only time men pick arguments on purpose is if we do not like someone, we are drunk, there is a Raider’s fan in the room, or we decide to act macho in front of our woman. Men do not often argue just to argue, do you know why ladies? We are lazy and it is hard to watch Sportscenter AND drink a beer while you argue. Ok, so why is women arguing so crazy? Because of the reason they do it, women argue and pick fights with men “to test their relationship.” That is the whole “if the rubber band breaks” concept that women are working on. They obviously haven’t heard of the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” concept that men love.

Women ask questions that they know the answers to. Guys, they still expect an answer. And God help you if the answer is not politically and socially correct. You may want to bring a cue card with a few facts and pointers to back up your answer, though those facts will help very little if your answer is different from hers. These actions by women can also be tests; you know those random pop quizzes we hated in school, well now we get them in marriage and long term relationships. Your girlfriend or wife has just become the teacher from hell.

Women really don’t care about your opinion most the time. You know “they” say that a good conversation is good dialogue between the two participants. Whoever “they” were, “they” were obviously not talking to a woman. A woman does not want your input on a topic she has already decided upon. You are allowed a couple head nods, a few confirmation noises (to let her know you are still listening), and a really big “you are absolutely right honey” near the end. That is all that is required, or better yet necessary, to successfully navigate through a conversation with a woman. One last thing, if you even dare to talk about a subject she knows nothing about just give up, women quickly grow bored with topics that don’t interest them. Notice the way she “sighs” and glances around the room every five minutes, those are your hints.

Give up trying to keep up with your wife or girlfriend’s social drama, whether at work or with her friends. Never side with Becky, her hated arch-rival, unless Becky is going to let you sleep on her couch. Do not dare and sympathize with Helga, her dictator of a boss, or your soup might taste a bit off tonight. If your wife is on Facebook just be prepared for monthly breakdowns and breakups. I think women came up with the term “BFF” so they could have one more thing to break up with in this world. Women are crazy.

Read the full write-up here and follow HarsH ReaLiTy.

In Bittersweet Times Of Currency

6 Jun

During that financial hardship, our attentions and efforts turned inward to good family times that didn’t require currency. We went on walks together. We found parks in our area we had never visited before. We had picnics in the living room for lunch rather than going out to eat. These were our tangerine times: a bit sweeter and more nourishing.

Holding Hands

Trying times.

When you are single, you have less obligations to consider. When you are a couple, you have all the obligations to consider because his obligations become yours.

Receiving gifts of financial scarcity or trouble from the world comes as the most trying times, but how do we get ‘US‘ through?

From the actions of our children and the lessons of everyday, we realize that these bittersweet times are worth looking back to, for these are the times when we held each other the most.

Here’s a write-up of a parenting experience which reflected back to the best moments of couplehood:

Experience and learn love anew…everyday.

Is Homosexuality a “Handicap” ?

6 Jun

Sexuality will always remain to be a juicy topic even in the generations to come. Despite the many talks, one thing is certain – if you are not afraid to show the world who you really are, the world will not be so hesitant to put its loving arms around you. 🙂

evoL =

ImageMy mother just turned 86, and my father turned 88. I am now parenting my parents in many ways. This past week, I was working at my parents’ house to move them closer to me so I can care for them on a more consistent basis.

I love my folks very much. I have noticed for many people, myself included, we have one parent that we tend to put on a pedestal and one who seems to know each and every one of our hot buttons, how to find them, and how to do a regular happy dance on them. My dad is my pedestal guy. We can have a knock-down, drag-out fight, and an hour later, all is forgiven and flowers seem to spring from his every step. My mother, on the other hand, can catch me with the wrong turn-of-phrase and I will see red for days.


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