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I Read Poetry and I Am Not Crazy

13 Jun

I fall for poetry as I would fall for a man who can sing. It wraps up my morning and makes me ready to face the day. I hate people who fail to appreciate the lines of a poem and I pity their sense of understanding. What others do not know about poetry is that, its not about what the poet feels at the time the poem is written, instead, it is about the emotions that are awakened in the reader.

The world will never understand how much poetry is to me just like the man that I sleep with can ever understand why I sleep late, why I lie when I’m shopping and why there are times of the day that I forget that other people exist and I look up the sky in a solo surrender.

Its Throwback Thursday in Facebook and Poetry Monday somewhere else, but for me, life is lived luxuriously everyday with some poetry. Here’s a really good one for a daily dose and more from Stale Cigarettes and a Fistful of dreams:

Other People’s Secrets

I live beneath scorn filled shadows of other people’s secrets

Carrying a burden

Internalized shame and affliction

Penetrate my veneered complexion

Iron weight grating my psyche

Stilted dreams invade rare, disturbed sleep

My own turmoil and failures, other people’s secrets.

falling awake



art. popular since 10,000 BC

The Discipline

the journey, the battle, the victory.

Love, InshAllah

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